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    ‘Like fiction — except it’s true’: Exploring Bill Reynolds’ philosophy of literary journalism

    By Ben Cohen Smack in the middle of fiction and nonfiction is literary journalism, a style that employs narrative techniques…
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    My double life: Journalists who also write fiction and poetry

    By Ben Cohen Are fiction and journalism compatible? Can a journalist also be a fiction writer or poet? My Double…
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    WATCH – Ryan McMahon: The 2019 Atkinson Lecture

    Watch the 2019 Atkinson Lecture from Ryan McMahon, “We become the stories we tell ourselves: Indigenous realities in media today.”…
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    Under the Nazis’ Thumb: A lunch and learn

    How the world’s biggest news agency struggled (and sometimes failed) to cover news from Hitler’s Germany. In this presentation, based…
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    Lunch, learn and meditate with Ann Rauhala

    It’s March. You’re stressed. Take a pause to try mindfulness meditation and learn about research into its benefits for journalists…
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    Université Laval’s Colette Brin brings digital news research to Ryerson

    By Ben Cohen After working at Ryerson for most of February, visiting professor Colette Brin is gearing up for a…
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